Newblog :o

Hello everyone I’ve moved over to wordpress instead of blogspot. This is quite different, though the whole blogging scene is new to me.. seeing as I haven’t blogged in over 6 years lol. I hope I can catch on a lot easier though.

I’ll give some sort of little info about myself. My name is Kaethe Dyrssen in Second life  I run my own business there making shapes and poses, I spend a lot of time on each individual shape to give it personality, a story.. There is more to my shapes than just a pretty face =] I know shape making may seem like a bit of a funny talent to some people but It’s something I enjoy doing. I also make poses, they’re quite different than what you would see on SL (they are to me atleast :] ) I try to put emotion and pour my creative talents into creating something visually pleasing for others so they can create quality pictures for whatever purpose that they use them for. Second Life is my creative outlet until I can mend my RL creativeness, so far SL has been able to bring back some of it =]

Here is a sneak peek of one of my shapes I am currently working on. Her name is Derdriu she’s named after Deridre a tragic heroine in Irish mythology.




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