New Makeups @ Leafy!

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Hiyas everyone. I’ve added some more colorful makeups to my first skin line Miso! I have an obsession with colors and after releasing the first eight normalish makeups I felt it was only fair to release what I love most, color! So heres to bringing more color to the grid. I hope you all enjoy ❤ Whats shown is the 5 makeups in the new Crayola Pack.. with my fav being Harbor moon. ^^

The one shown below is Harbor Moon. I based it off a makeup I had worn to my first ever boat party :] It was a blast, and everyone loved my makeup there so I had to recreate it in SL. It’s a bright teal makeup smudged down to the cheeks with a bit of red blush, with red lips! :] He’res a photo of teh makeups, all smudged after a nights worth of dancing. Link

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