Leafy – New Releases.

Hi everyone! Wanted to let you all know that I am back! I will be releasing every week pretty much, these releases will include Skins, Shapes, Makeups and possibly poses! Its been ages since I’ve released new poses, but with my 6month Hiatus, I am back for good and ready to get stuff done! Yay no more creative block!

I’m not sure if you guys still read my blog but I have several new updates for everyone.  I have released my second skin – Luna. She comes in 6 tones, one is unreleased. The skins only have 5 makeups done, but she is only a pre-release. I will have tons of new makeups and tattoo layers for her once everything is all ready.

Here are each makeup and skin tone below!

Luna – Milk (Plum)

Luna – Lumiel (Sea)

Luna – Lune (Depth)

Luna – Peachy (Pure)

Luna – Toffee (Dusk)

Each makeup is shown and each skintone is shown!

These are available at the Skin/Shape Expo.



Leafy – Cosmetics

Here are some of the makeup layers that I will be selling.

The skin shown is also one I am working on, called Zan.

I will be releasing a huge line of cosmetics for my skin and the tattoo layers :]

New Shapes @ Leafy

Hello! Been quite awhile since I’ve sent out an update, but here are several new shapes that have recently come out.

Each come with several body shapes, brow shapers and a styling card to help you achieve the look on the poster.

Leafy – Elsiane

Leafy – Coco

Leafy – Mira

Leafy – Honeycomb

And last but not least, my last limited edition shape; there are only a few copies of her left :] She comes with body shapers, 2 skins of mine, a limited edition pose pack.

Leafy – Mainstore

Newness @ Leafy

Leafy – Mainstore!

Hey everyone! I’ve released a preview of my Skin I am working on. She comes with LB/DB options and a demo can be found at my mainstore. I am currently still working on the freckle version, but I do like her face a lot more than my previous Miso skin =]

And I’ve also released some new poses of mine.. well not quite new I’m just rather lazy :]

And Last but not least my Sasha shape! Shes so cute and works with many skins!

Leafy – Mainstore!